Our Sectors Expertise

Our focus on excellence in a number of key business sectors enables us to deliver practical, commercial solutions to your own unique problems. Good accounting and consulting benefits all businesses, so our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds. But, if one feature characterizes them all, it’s the dynamic and complex nature of their financial interests that span national boundaries and different business sectors. That’s why we provide a depth as well as a breadth of expertise, which is at the core of our strategy to be the best in our chosen markets.


With rapid shifts in demand, developments in technology and an increasingly competitive and globalised marketplace, businesses need to be more responsive to change than ever before. A global marketplace is demanding production of higher quality goods, faster response times and lower costs while mass customisation, outsourcing, and leaner margins are increasing competitive pressure. Successful companies are those doing more with less while becoming increasingly customer-centric. As experienced advisers to the sector, Moore Stephens Egypt focuses on helping clients to run their businesses efficiently, take advantage of opportunities and stay one step ahead in a demanding and dynamic environment.

   Banks & Financial Insitutions

In a highly regulated environment financial and commercial institutions face increasing demands. Moore Stephens Egypt provides support strategies and solutions for financial institutions to navigate this challenging environment. Whether you need support with managing change or implementing effective, robust compliance procedures, exploring new strategic directions or, complying with regulations, we have the experience to deliver the right solution for your specific requirement.

   Real Estate & Construction

Our global network of member firms includes business advisors drawn from a variety of disciplines, who provide services to property investors, developers, real estate consultants, surveyors and architects. With extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate and construction sector, we understand your business is unique. Our member firms deliver the highest quality service tailored to your local, national and international needs, providing you with the right advice and support; innovative solutions; and identifying opportunities to unlock your potential for growth.


Moore Stephens has been associated with the shipping industry for over 70 years. We are therefore in a unique position to provide a comprehensive and confidential range of specialist business development and traditional support services to the industry In our long association with the shipping industry, we have accumulated an unparalleled depth of knowledge and breadth of worldwide experience, and with member firms in all of the principal shipping locations throughout the globe, we are able to provide a truly international service to clients. Clients range from single vessel owners to large multinational corporations, and include not only ship owners but brokers, ship managers, port operators and logistics businesses.


The global farming and agriculture sectors continue to face major challenges. Climatic and economic conditions and government regulations continue to present primary producers and suppliers with ongoing challenges. Whilst there is little we can do about climatic conditions, Moore Stephens Egypt are active in the provision of specialist services to a broad range of clients in the agribusiness sector. It's not only increasing legislation and regulation, market demands and global competition mean that working methods have become more sophisticated, with highly specialist crop and livestock farming becoming the norm. Farmers will need to show ever more resilience and be prepared to adapt quicker than ever before. Moore Stephens Egypt support a significant number of farming clients from all over the world, helping them through the minefield of regulation and assisting them through inevitable change. We deal with all of your accounting and taxation requirements and with the long-term planning and succession issues for farming businesses. There are many sector specific taxation rules and regulations and our team is well placed to deal with these.

   Transport, Logistics & Aviation

The transport, logistics, & aviation sector is constantly changing and is impacted by the shifting sands of regulatory frameworks in various jurisdictions, technological developments and the general economic health of the marketplace. Moore Stephens Egypt's expertise help mitigate financial, operational, and regulatory risks arising from such a challenging environment


A technology revolution is sweeping the globe and the pace of change in the tech sector means that the need to adapt quickly is vital. Specialists from member firms across the globe understand that this evolving operating environment requires knowledge and experience of the key issues facing tech companies. From valuing intellectual property to complex compliance issues, data security to business process modelling, our professionals offer effective, strategic and operational solutions specifically tailored to the needs of every organisation.

   Hotels, Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism

Moore Stephens Egypt has a long-established track record of providing business advice to hotel and leisure and tourism owners and operators. No matter what area of the tourism and hospitality industry you operate in, by understanding the key market drivers, we are able to provide the necessary advice to clients that adds value and helps them gain that fundamental edge over competitors. Fluctuating exchange rates, heavy competition, regulatory change, emerging market sectors and technological advancements are all key industry issues that have a significant important on your business. We pride ourselves on providing insightful, practical and integrated advice to this dynamic, competitive and people-driven sector. Our member firms understand this complex industry that deals with a multitude of unique issues, and constraints and are well placed to actively develop sound and viable business planning strategies tailored to your individual requirements Providing insightful, practical and integrated advice to this dynamic, competitive and people-driven sector.

   Professional Services

Our professional services experts recognize that each professional practice is a unique people-based business. They build long standing relationships to properly understand not only the businesses but also the key decision-makers. They are aware of the challenges affecting professionals, with the changing face of the economy, increased regulation, budgetary constraints, and pressures to retain top performers. Our clients include consultants (general, IT, recruitment), solicitors, architects, property advisors, accountants, software developers and other professionals.

   Public Sector & Government

Moore Stephens Egypt's public sector team have extensive expertise in all areas of the public sector. Through practical hands-on experience, they have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the issues that affect: • local and central government • educational institutions • health • arts and heritage • international funding • social housing Their experience is much wider than external audit, and they deal regularly with: • value-for-money/best value auditing • performance indicator reviews • corporate governance and risk management reviews • fraud irregularities and investigations • complaints investigations They have a track record of success and invest much time developing close relationships with their clients. This enables them to build clients' trust and helps them feel able to seek their views on any matter.

   Retail & Wholesale

The retail world—with its razor-thin margins and relentless big bets on fashions, trends and timing—has never been a haven for the faint of heart. Add digital disruption, emerging market opportunities and changing consumer trends to the mix, and sustained, profitable growth becomes even more challenging. We understand the challenges and industry issues our retail & wholesale clients face. Moore Stephens Egypt aim to deliver an integrated, full service offering, to provide practical financial advice on everything from mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, audit, and accounting.


The charity sector faces a wide range of pressures from raising funds and managing finances, through to meeting stakeholder demands and keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory and legal frameworks.Our specialist team draws together expertise from various disciplines throughout the firm to provide strategic and operational advice to this technically complicated and highly regulated sector.We help charities of all sizes ranging from major organisations with international operations, to small local charities. Our expertise encompasses all organisations whether you operate in research, health, social welfare, education, conservation, citizenship or religious and overseas aid activities.


Whether you are a university, further education or sixth form college, academy school, independent school or private training provider, your board and management will be grappling with significant challenges, many arising from the continued structural changes in the sector and funding methodologies. Despite this backdrop, we believe there are opportunities for providers to develop and sustain our world-class education system. Our team comprises partners and managers who are passionate about education and this gives essential focus to our service offering.Through all that we do, our aim is to help our clients achieve their ambitions. Our services are designed to complement your existing resources and provide value for money, from ad-hoc assistance at year-end, through to comprehensive financial support packages performed on an ongoing basis. By truly understanding your establishment we are able to tailor our services to meet the needs of the school.

   Culture, Entertainment, & Media

Making your vision work financially as well as creatively is hard work. Our team is passionate about culture, entertainment and media and we understand how it operates – no matter whether we are working with individual actors, musicians or sports stars, privately owned companies or listed companies. Members of our team have spent time working in-house or on secondments to entertainment businesses. Their first-hand understanding contributes to our practical and solutions-focused approach. We understand the challenges facing the industry and our services are tailored to help you reach your goals

   Energy, Mining, & Renewables

Companies operating in the energy, mining and natural resources industry, are continuously threatened by depleting natural resources; increasing prices; intensifying competition and the world economy. How these problems are tackled will ultimately determine future success or failure. Moore Stephens Egypt offers a full range of services to oil, gas, mining, utilities and renewable alternative energy businesses. We understand the complex issues this sector faces; the key industry drivers; technical operating processes; and regulatory considerations that apply to this market. Together with the experience of working with similar businesses; and distinct insight of the industry, enables us to provide the advice and support needed in optimising performance and helping you meet your objectives.